Sunday, April 18, 2010

Put her down already!

I would put her down, but I can't! Soon after the super sleepy newborn stage passed, she would not allow anybody to put her down. I was fortunate to have someone to tend to her so that I could take care of my basic needs. As she has grown and is able to entertain herself I rotate her between various contraptions (doorway jumpers, bouncy seats - she has two different ones, play gyms, and a variety of other baby entertainment apparatuses) so that I can take a shower or maybe do a little bit of cleaning. There is a catch: there is a 10 minute time limit. Once in a while she will be generous with maybe 15-20 minutes. Once she even sat for 30! However, after about 10 minutes she begins to let me know that she is finished entertaining herself for the moment and requires some human interaction. This means being carried around so she can see what else is going on. Being nosy is her ultimate form of entertainment. I tried baby wearing which is the ultimate solution for dealing with a Devyn but I could not get things done with her strapped to me. A mom at the mommy group I attend (who I watch week after week enviously as she lays her baby down on a little blanket and there she stays for the entire hour, maybe dozes off a little, happily until its over) gave me a few pointers for getting my laundry folded: "I make it interesting for her..I explain 'Now we're folding the shirt' and I show her and blah blah blah." I'm sure that works for your little angel but Devyn doesn't care if I narrate the folding of the laundry or not. She simply does not want to LAY there. Period. Even is she was strapped to me I would have to fold the laundry and walk around the house at the same time for her to be satisfied. I know that once she is fully mobile she will probably not want me to hold her anymore and one day she will be too big to carry around anyway. These baby stages are so fleeting so I cherish each day holding my little girl because I do thoroughly enjoy carrying her around and if I'm spoiling her then I'm OK with that!


  1. This is great cory!!!

  2. LOL! I love the "Even if she was strapped to me I would have to fold the laundry and walk around the house at the same time..."