Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Desperately Trying to Raise an Adventurous Eater

When it comes to food, I'm smitten. So much so that I decided to go to college to learn all about it. So naturally I want my child to be just as involved and, more importantly, as adventurous as I am. I'm not picky and I never was. There are a few things that I can't stand, but I can tolerate most of them if I have to. So introducing foods to Devyn has been an exciting experience for the both of us. I started out with a few guidelines: I wanted to make my own, I wanted to make her food interesting, and I wanted to feed her mostly organic foods. So off to Whole Foods we went once we got the green light. In the beginning she hated everything. The cereal, the veggies.. it was a lost cause.. I was frustrated and began to really dislike mealtimes. Once she got used to the idea, she began to come around. Now feeding her is the only time where a battle doesn't ensue. (oh yea and bathtime, unlike diaper changing time and face wiping time and nail cutting time.. well, you get the point) At this point she will eat anything that you put in front of her face, whether it's food or not. Even the pets are fair game. I cook for her using whatever I would like: onions, peppers, herbs, spices.. you name it. And it's only getting easier (and messier!) now that she loves to feed herself. I'm doing less pureeing and more dicing and letting her have a go at it and if it's on my plate (or the dog's) it's even better! She does well holding onto foods like bananas and toast and things of that nature (although she must be in close supervision in case she gets too eager and stuffs the entire thing into her little trap). She also loves to feed the dogs, which in my opinion, if it keeps her quiet so I can finish what I'm doing or just to enjoy my own dinner then let her do what she wants. She's the one who has to deal with a doggie audience everytime she eats, not me. When it comes to washing it all down, I only give her water (we live in the desert so the water drinking habit is essential to those who don't want to shrivel up and dry out in 110 degree heat). She will not look at a bottle so it's been all about the sippies since she was around 6 months old. After trying all kinds of sippies (buying and testing out these cups is an adventure all in itself), we decided that we like the ones with a straw the best. My hopes are to have a child who isn't addicted to chicken nuggets, french fries and pizza. My plans are to withhold these delicious items until her love of healthier fare is well established. She might turn two and decide that she doesn't like the wonderful and nutritious items I prepare for her. It's a very real possibility and I have to be prepared just in case. Until then, bon app├ętit!

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